CSM Foundation

Making sport accessible for everyone

CSM Foundation is a non-profit subsidiary of Centric Sports Management with charitable objectives to alleviate barriers by creating pathways to long-term, sustainable sport and physical activity participation for individuals.

We develop our own projects but also work with a number of partners who share a common goal to make access to sport easier for those that are susceptible to inactivity. Furthermore, we work with community’s most vulnerable groups to influence behaviour and attitude changes by using sport and physical activity as a tool for positive social impact and improved wellbeing for individuals and the wider community.

Ambitions to raise the bar of sports management consultancy are also met with a need to provide equal opportunities in sport and physical activity. Whilst elite sport still has a focus here at CSM we bridge the gap between elite and community sport with high quality provisions for community sports development.

If you want to get in touch about any community sports delivery queries please email anees@centricsm.com