Centric Sports Management would like to report the news of a supposed football agent that has in the past attempted to use the company name to scam vulnerable players looking for their big break in the game. The same has been the case for coaches in the game too.

Mr. Mofor Francis has now come to our attention on the second occasion having reported him to the F.A on the first incident. However, this time we had noticed Mr. Francis was now using the CSM name on many agent listings website as the company he worked for. Having asked individuals to sign up to him for $600 he would promise the offer of trials at any large club in Europe. He has been working from his own email address,, or via a company email address

We cannot iterate enough that this gentleman is not part of the CSM group and does not represent the values of this organisation at all. From our beginnings last year our strategic approach has always been to put the client at the forefront of our service, hence our refusal to charge sign-up fees or take any money for any reason but for a service we have delivered.

This ethos is a blueprint for us and our methods, not just for when we started, but something to maintain for a long-term and sustainable future. If you have any queries regarding CSM activities or perhaps have been the victim of such a scam yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us at where we can offer advice and perhaps discuss your sporting future in more legitimate circumstances.