2019 has been quite the year for the CSM agency with our network base and transfer facilitation means being broadened and expanded. A key part of this growth has been attending the Transfer Football Forum organised by Tony Sharkey, of which we managed to get to both 2019 instalments of the event in Manchester and Liverpool.

This unique event has been superb in bringing together Sporting Directors, Heads of Recruitment, Scouts and Agents. Whilst business has been top of the agenda, the opportunity to listen to Kieran Maguire and Steve Walsh offer their expert insight on the industry and what the future holds for all those involved. Alongside this, CSM Managing Director, Faheem Ikramullah, found the event invaluable for building networks which have ultimately led to transfers in 2019.

“It’s really a fantastic event and what Tony manages to do is bring together people from different backgrounds within the industry. It is competitive, but the way the event is setup feels like a we’re-all-in-this-together feel, which is very refreshing in the agency world. Thanks to this event CSM were able to build new contacts and get deals in place in Romania for Arnaud Geudj (joined FC Universitatea Cluj) and Velizar Dimov (joined ACS Inainte Modelu).”

Given the environment of working with meeting other agents, we were able to grab a sit down with Kamran Khan who has made the Transfer Football Forum a regular event on his calendar. “I went last year for the first time and I knew I had to come back regularly. It’s not just about building new relationships, but you see regular faces and can maintain those relationships too. It’s good to meet with the clubs to hear what they are looking for but also talk to other agents and see what best practice is occurring in the industry.”

Beyond the idea of transfers, the networking opportunities presented Faheem the chance to meet and speak to the likes of Premier Relocation UK and Sports Interactive, creators of the Football Manager game, which we’re not intending to hide our mild addictions to at CSM. Faheem spoke highly of these opportunities too, “agency is more than just getting transfers done and moving on to the next one. The degree of care you have to have for your client is paramount and being able to speak to organisations like these you get an idea for what else you can offer as support for your client beyond the club they are playing at. It’s a full package service I want to provide for players with CSM and events like the Football Transfer Forum keep us learning and energised to give the best possible service.”

The tagline for the Football Transfer Forum is “Insight. Networking. Results”. Brief, succinct, concise and perfect capture for an event that we look forward to attending in 2020, and one we recommend for all those in the industry to get to.